Can you hear me now?

November 2015 is a day etched into my mind forever.  A half-dozen medical professionals stood over me preparing to break the news.  The doctor asked, “is there anyone with you today?“.   I do not recall answering.  Soon after, my husband joined the onlookers as I laid there exposed.  “Jennifer, you have Inflammatory Breast Cancer” nothing else was heard from that point forward–plenty was said.

That was a significant day in my life. Not only was I diagnosed with a terminal illness, I was heard for the very first time.  For eleven months I asked questions, I researched, I cried, I sought answers. General practitioners, gynecologists, breast specialists, physical therapists, radiologists, and the list continues. I could hear my body screaming at me but my voice was silent.  Then, on that rainy evening in November, when everyone was  getting off work, the waiting room in the hospital was empty and the lights had been dimmed, one surgeon heard me. She heard me loud and clear.  But, it was too late.

I have spent every waking moment since that evening using my voice.  Yes, it started off with anger and fear and thus, a lot of yelling.  Oh you could hear me alright.

Recently my journey was aired on channel 8, WFAA news.  I was not certain what I would share with Jason Whitely, the reporter. However, soon after I began speaking I realized he is actually LISTENING to me.   I could not stop talking. The response has been shocking.  Complete strangers are still reaching out with their kind words, prayers and their own fears.  My voice is being heard far and wide.  It was not until this moment that I felt like I had a voice. It was not until this moment that I found the courage to share my story.  Now I can’t stop talking…welcome to my blog.

30 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?

  1. This is awesome! I’m so proud of you and am in awe of what you are doing to help others be aware. I love you Jen!

  2. Jennifer, you have a beautiful voice and I hear you with my whole heart! Thank you for being so vulnerable – because of you and your strength and courage others will be saved. You are a true warrior and an inspiration to me and to everyone that I share your story with – which is anyone with ears to hear. I’m proud of you, I’m in awe of you, and I love you very much.

  3. You are incredible Jennifer! Thank you so much for the courage to share your journey. Love you!!

  4. Raw and touching start to what will be an inspiring blog!!! You never cease to be an inspiration. To say you are an amazing woman is such an understatement. Love your voice and you! Scream it from the mountain sister!!!!

  5. Well written sister. Love you to the moon. Proud of you too. I will spread the word too.

  6. You are one of the strongest, bravest people that I know. Thank you for speaking up!

  7. Through educating and sharing your story you have touched so many lives. You are making a difference loud and clear. Thanks for sharing something so personal in hopes that others will keep asking too. God gives us many gifts what we do with them is our gift to God. Your gift of talking and sharing will spread like ripples in the water. ❤️you!

  8. Your authenticity and generosity of spirit, despite all that you’ve been through, is awe-inspiring. Your grace, courage, faith and purpose remain a shining example of all that you are, all that you’ve endured, and all that you continue to share. You are the definition of what it is to be a heroine. I am so blessed to have you in my life….you always bring me back to what truly matters. I love you.❤️Marcia

  9. Love that you are doing this blog. Looking forward to more entries. Love you sister…❤️

  10. I find you and the courage you display daily to be very inspiring. Thank you!

  11. Jennifer, I’m a friend of your sister & live in Phoenix. I met Suey years ago through her friend Rachelle. Any ways, I’m always asking Rachelle about you ever since I heard about your cancer. You are in my prayers. Great start to your blog.

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