Jenny The Great!

When I was young, I went through this phase of signing all of my notes, cards, and drawings, “Jenny The Great”.  Apparently, I thought I was pretty terrific (although I don’t recall those high levels of confidence).  I suppose when you are a child, confidence is a given, perhaps something that we are born with?… Continue reading Jenny The Great!


Yes, this is a real word. While you will not find it in the dictionary (yet), ask any cancer patient about the waiting period after you have had a set of scans. I received a call Saturday night from the nurse confirming my 7:30 a.m. pet scan on Monday. She was making sure that I… Continue reading Scanxiety

Suit Up!

To my army, those of you who have stood behind me, beside me or have led the fight before me…we now have our “armor”.  It is time to suit up.  Together, we have proven that Love IS greater than cancer and always will be. My beautiful daughter Tat, is selling t-shirts.  For every t-shirt sold,… Continue reading Suit Up!


Writing a blog without using words is virtually impossible. Why would anybody even try? The whole idea behind a blog is to communicate about a particular topic. In this case, Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I suppose I could just post photos and hope that gives you an idea of what I have been up to and… Continue reading Words

Meet Bob

They say cancer isn’t contagious, I beg to differ.  My entire family is living with cancer now.  I have seen cancer change every single one of my family members.  Cancer changes the way you see, hear, feel and think.  Cancer even alters the way you look. When I look back at pictures of myself a… Continue reading Meet Bob